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On Drums: Stuart Slater


Coming up: The excellent Bee Gees Fever and new SDS teaching modules are coming on video very soon. Watch this space....

Rockschool Grade 8 pieces
Below is a series of three Grade 8 demo tracks for final module students. Sound and visual quality definitely not gorgeous but you get the idea...! 
Dim lights
Dim lights
Dim lights
Talented guys.....great to play with them live.  
Dim lights
A top promo for a top show. Really enjoyed playing in this one.... 
Dim lights
Dim lights
This one is for Mark, Si and Aly - good fun in Devon hey?!
(Turn the volume up for this one!)
Dim lights  
Check out Teenstar UK and Open Mic UK. Proud to be a head judge in this compeition. 
Live__Unsigned_grunge_flag_masterLive & Unsigned UK video link: Click here

On Drums: Stuart Slater

Click on the play button to hear each indivudal track....all recorded to backing track. 

(Note: If some of these tracks do not play, or only part play, you may need to refresh the page or try a different browser!). All tracks were recorded to either track or click.

Soft Rock - Rosanna (Toto) 2011

Classic Jeff Porcaro half time shuffle. Really great song, and a much talked about drum groove, which definitely sounds easier than it is to play! Very tricky left hand control and overall timing. This version was recorded against backing track and a full band version is avaialble on the Inka demo released in 2012.

Pop - Beat it (Michael Jackson) 2011

Another Jeff Porcaro classic - less is very much more here! Needs careful consistency across the voices, well placed crashes, and very simple use of colour...This was recorded against the orginal and again is available as a full band version by Inka.

Hip Hop - East Coast (Rockschool) 2010

Grade 6 piece. Very laid back hip hop style. Remember to keep your 1/16's swung and the 1/8's & 1/4's straight.

Latin - Senor Sebaba (Rockschool) 2010

Grade 7 piece. Requires baiao feet pattern independence to really groove.

Rock Bonzo (Rockschool) 2010

Grade 8 piece. Solid straight rock groove with stabbed fills and triplet shaping at the core.

Samba - Sampa Samba (Rockschool) 2010

Grade 8 piece. Those hand-to-hand groove accents need to be light, but clearly phrased.
Inka Demo Medley 2012

To save ploughing through 20 minutes, we thought we would medley 5 songs to give you a flavour. Just 6 minutes...!
Pop (Swing) - A Song for Her (Oz) 2009

Fantastic work by Oz. You can buy the full version at
Check out the laid back shuffle rhythm with mainly triplet fills, and compare to the straight time below. 

Pop Straight
Lost in Sound (Oz) 2009

Ballard - Sing to the Angels (Oz) 2009

Another great track. Epic! Drumming wise, less is more here. You can buy full versions of all these Oz tracks (and more) at

Funky - Walk - (Funkinsteins) 2008

Check out the Funkinsteins on Lots of 1/16's orchestrated across the kit and interesting fills, especially towards the end. (Watch out for the Ian Paice type snare fills from 2.25!). The funksters have loads of similar excellent originals to buy on their website.

Some older tracks
Had to dig deep for some bluesy tracks, but great to listen to again....! Thinking back, these were live, 'one take', full band recordings.

Blues - Every Day I Got The Blues (Skizm) 1997
Really easy listening...Where are you now Linus?

Blues/Rock - Poor Boy (Skizm) 1997

This is a long track at 6mins. If you have the time, keep going to the end...great overall shape and a bit of self indulgence.
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